Sepânioi Rotî

We are the Followers of the Wheel

A Gallo-Brittonic polytheistic warband centered around the turning of the Cosmic Wheel, investing in ourselves and others to keep the Wheel turning, and enriching our lives through healing and healthy cultus. Those who feel the call to uphold the cycle of the Wheel are Tanxtos, the Sworn, immersing ourselves into our communities, our gods, and our tradition.

Sepânioi Rotî is an anti-folkish, anti-fascist warband, rejecting white supremacy and its root ideologies of sexism, homophobia, transphobia, misogyny and ableism in their entirety while promoting the voices of minority groups. Gaulish and Brittonic polytheism are open to all who feel the call to worship the Dêuoi, and may do so here free of bigotry. Please take the time to read our anti-fascist declaration.

Strive For Balance
Spread Joy And Happiness
Nourish The Soul

The Tenets of the Sepânioi Rotî Tanxtos

About Us

We are a Gaulish and Brittonic polytheistic practice, with influences from cultures across the Iron Age world. We focus on small daily gestures of faith, concrete actions, and healthy cultus.

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