Watering Ritual

Preparation & Sanctification
This ritual could be situated around one or more house plants, or even expanded to an outdoor garden. You will also need a cup or watering can of distilled water, a candle, and something to light it with. Take time after you get everything ready to wash your hands and face, pausing before you begin the ritual to become still.

Commencement / Blessing of the Water
Hold up the water (if possible) and recite the following:
May this water provide hydration and health
Connect us through this essence of the land
Rising up from the underworld, just as it also comes from the heavens
The Lighting of the Sacred Flame / Invoking Belinos 

Light the candle and hold it in front of you, facing the water and the plant(s). Recite the following:
Molâtus Belinos,
Life Giver
Molâtus Belinos,
Joy Bringer
Molâtus Belinos,
Lord of Motion and Summers
You are the fire upon the water.
It is through you that we experience joy and friendship,
And so we ask that you be here to receive this gift of water.

Offering / Main Invocation
This is the actual watering of the plant, do this carefully and with intention. Recite:
With this offering of water, we humbly beseech you 
As days darken, and shadows grow long
We humbly ask for your blessing of light, health, and warmth
Guard us against the darkness that clings to minds and souls
Defend us from the lethargy that binds body and hearts
We ask you on behalf of ourselves and those we hold dear

Working (Optional)
Take time to sit with your plants, speak with them, stick your fingers in the earth, gently touch them, and observe them with fresh curiosity. Meditate on the growth and life cycle of the plant.

Set aside the water and plant, take three deep breaths, and speak in the direction of the freshly watered plant(s):
Bratun Te Belinos
We thank you for your blessing,
And bearing witness to our oath
May you go in peace

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by Cunobelinus Betullicnos