Daily Ritual

This is a sample ritual, a short version of the Sepânioi Rotî format, to be performed daily, or whenever one needs to center themselves. Since we try to incorporate daily actions into our practice, this ritual is a good time for healthy morning habits, such as meditation, drinking tea, and taking medication.

Wash your hands before starting, then fill a dedicated bowl with clean water. Fill a kettle and set to start boiling.

Dip your fingers in the water and wash your hands, then face, taking time to feel the cool feeling on your eyes. Say “May these waters cleanse my spirit as they cleanse my body. May they bring me peace and tranquility as I come before the dêuoi.”

Dip your fingers in the water again and sprinkle water in a circular motion around the altar space (a branch, wand, or lit stick of incense would also do).

Light a candle, saying “I light this fire in the name of Brigantiâ. Let this fire burn my offerings that they may reach the dêuoi.”

Make an offering of tea leaves into a heat-proof bowl or teapot, saying “I make this offering to the senisamanos, in thanks for their connection to this place, to the past, and to the dêuoi. Senisamanos cantimî.”

Light a stick of incense in the fire and say “I make this offering to the dêuoi of my hearth, ” and list all those you wish to invoke. Then finish with “I give for you have given, you have given that I may give.”

If you have a Wheel symbol, raise it above your head and say “Taranos, Great Steward, I raise this Wheel that you may grant me the strength to turn it. May I live my life in balance, spread joy and happiness to those around me, and take the time to nourish my soul, that I may better follow your teachings. Taranos cantimî!”
Don the symbol, or place back on the altar.

Meditate, listening to the sound of the kettle boiling. Once it’s ready, finish your meditation, get the kettle, and fill the cup of tea leaves, saying “bratun te, regentiâ.”

Raise the bowl of clean water and say “may these waters cleanse me within as they have cleansed me without. May they bring me health and vitality throughout the day” and drink the water. If you take medication or vitamins regularly, now is a good time to do so. Alternatively, you could take a sip and use the rest of the water for any plants on your altar.

Put out the incense, saying “for your presence today, as on all days, bratun te dêuoi” and put out the candle, saying “bratun te, aidu.”