The Tanxtoi

Within Sepânioi Rotî are the Tanxtoi – or Sworn – a small group of followers who have taken an oath to uphold the Divine Seasons. This has less to do with actual seasons than their cosmic equivalents. The Divine Seasons are rooted in the opposing cosmic principles of Samos (Summer) and Giamos (Winter). The former represents order, light, life, the mundane, and action, while the latter represents chaos, raw potential, magic, and rest. To be Tanxtos is to believe in keeping Order and Chaos in careful balance while ensuring the turning of the Wheel.

The Tanxtoi are responsible for Sepânioi Rotî, from rituals to holidays. Additionally, we organize what we call our Selgâs or “Hunts”, periods of activity where we select a theme, value, or virtue and all engage in activism, creation, and self-growth in unison. In keeping with the Wheel and Divine Seasons, we each focus on either Samos or Giamos, making time to grow, heal, or take action as needed. We keep the Wheel turning, taking stock of what has stagnated in our lives – or what needs careful attention.

After each Hunt we pause for a Feast or Samaros (literally “summer fallow”) giving ourselves time to reflect on what we accomplished, to relax our expectations of ourselves. Focus on work turns to rest, Samos turns to Giamos, and vice versa. We ensure balance before continuing on to the next Hunt. Those of us who find purpose in a Hunt will continue our work, taking the time to rest before picking our work back up.

All are welcome to join us for our Selgâs and Samaroi. We encourage anyone who feels inspired by our selected focus to take on a new project, take the time to rest, or simply follow along as best they can when they feel the urge to share their practice.

The Aeroitoi

For anyone who seeks to become Tanxtos, we welcome all those of good standing in our community; if you are a stranger to us, we will want to get to know you better before you recite the oath, but all those who live by our tenets will be happily welcomed into the Tanxtoi of Sepânioi Rotî after a period of time as an initiate, known as an Aeroitos (“before oath”).

Aeroitoi are expected to take part in each Selgâ and Samaros as if they were Tanxtos – actively seeking ways to improve their community, taking care of themselves, and expanding their personal practice. Through their participation the Aeroitoi build the theology of Sepânioi Rotî – our dêuoi, rituals, and cultus. This is a collaborative process, one meant to encourage self-reflection and improvement while taking the time to heal, not a race to complete tasks.

To learn more, please reach out to us on our discord server.