Kalann/Kalends ritual

This ritual is designed to be completed on the days in which we pass over a threshold, from the old month to the new month, the Kalann (Brittonic for Kalends). It can however be completed at any time, or as you are passing other thresholds, such as the beginning of a new job, finishing studying, entering parenthood, whenever you are moving through into a new place.

Yātunos/Janus is the Dēwos of transitions, thresholds, beginnings and endings. Yātunos itself means ‘The God of passages’. 


Before the ritual the ritualist and participants should dip their hands into a bowl of water (running water also works) to clean them, then clean their face and hands with water, asking that the waters cleanse their spirit as it cleanses their body, bringing them clarity and stillness as they come before the Dêwoi.


At this point, the ritualists are to sanctify the space.  With incense or a lit candle, the ritualist will circle the altar or walk three times around the temple space clockwise, sprinkle water over the space, or ring a bell three times to make sacred the space before the Dewoi are welcomed in.

Sacred Fire

Here we summon Brigantia in fiery form to fully make sacred our space, to protect us from ill spirits and send our prayers up high. Fire is the preferred medium, however, any source of light can be used to the same effect.

Brigantia, Goddess up high and winged victory,

You who build strong walls and hold us aloft,

We call to you as the sacred flame, light our space and keep us safe,

Brigantia co te. 

The ritualist will pour out a libation or light incense for Brigantia here.

If other Dēwoi are going to be invoked and called on, this is the place to do so.

Prayer for good passage

Here the ritualist invokes Yātunos to guide us through our transition, whatever that may be.

Yātunos, God of passages, You who was there at the beginning and end of it all,

Two-faced God, guard our back and guide where we step,

You are the bridge and the raging river below,

You are the gate of the keep and the key which locks and unlocks,

You are the new moon, the dawn and dusk,

You are the spinning wheel, its rim, spokes and the road beneath,

God of Gods we call to You to aid us through our transition,

Guide us through the passage, as we step through into a new place.

Yātunos co te.

Now is the time to make your offerings to Yātunos. After offerings are made, it is a good time to visualise and meditate on this time of change, on the past and future, whilst still in communion with Yātunos


Thank Yātunos, Brigantia and any other Dēwoi, spirits or ancestors who attended, consume any shared offerings, extinguish the flame and close the space by ringing a bell (if you rang one earlier). 

Alternatively, one could call Cernunnos/Carnonnos in place of Yātunos/Janus. If that was is the case, swap out the invocation to Yātunos/Janus for this.

Carnonnos, You who sit at the threshold of the realms,

Horned Lord, You who are the vessel through the worlds,

You are the Dēwos at the edges and hedges,

You are the Dēwos at the boundaries of civilisation and the wilds,

Holding both the torc and the serpent,

Dēwos of trade, travel and transitions,

Horned Dēwos we ask you to guide us through this passage,

Aid us in finding our place,

Carnonnos co te.