Mead and Plough Ritual

Cloud-chasers and mist-racers bound across a grey sky,
Clouds race and mist spreads,
The sky breaks and rain falls.

[Sprinkle holy water]

Molātus Nodonti,
Iron-handed lord.
Molātus Nodonti, 
Ruler of Kagyon Medōn.
Molātus Nodonti,
Cloud-maker and rain-bringer.

The soil wets and wakes,
And from the earth rises the winged beast,
Raising its head for one last fight,
Steeling yourself and defending us,
You fight the dragon and win.

Molātus Nodonti,
Father of Winter and Ocean.
Molātus Nodonti,
Dream-giver and dream-catcher.
Molātus Nodonti,
Lord of hounds and hunts.

Great provider and defender,
Ruling from the land of youth,
You have shown us how to provide,
We follow your firm hand.

Molātus Nodonti,
You who keep company with Niska and Niskus.
Molātus Nodonti,
God of sight and vision.
Molātus Nodonti,
King of Antumnos.

We beseech you Nodonti,
From your castle of mead,
Pour out your cup,
Fill the clouds with deep wisdom.

[Pour out mead]

Raising your shining spear above the earth,
Just as you impaled the slithering serpent,
Thrust your weapon deep into the earth, 
Impart unto us your fertility and strength, 
Just as the blood of the dragon did in ages past. 

[Dig a hole or otherwise deposit (laying is fine) compost in garden/pot/etc]

Molātus Nodonti,
Great lord of the deep,
We are blessed by your rising and falling,
We thank you for the season gone and the season to come,
Molātus Nodonti.