The Fury of Taranos

Long before humanity was born, Bitus was covered in a vast forest. It was a time of great Chaos, as the oceans churned wildly, and twisted vines choked the trees. This was the doing of the Anguipeds, the giants whose limbs were serpents, for they roamed Bitus and in their fear of the Sun, cloaked the world in darkness. They feared the watchful eye of Taranos, and despised him for he kept order among Albios and Nemos.

Among the Anguipeds were Three Tyrants. The first was the Oldest, massive and wise, who wanted to rule the skies. The second was the Fiercest, with five thrashing heads, who wanted to rule the oceans. The third was the most Cunning, cowardly but eager to rule the dark forests alone. They thought themselves rightful rulers of Nemos, Mori, and Bitus if not for the light that Taranos shone down upon them. And so they rose up to destroy Drus, the World Tree, thinking that Taranos could not face their combined fury.

But Taranos was filled with Gala at the sight of the Three Tyrants, and descended from Albios upon the blazing Sun, which blinded His enemies and scorched the world.

First He slew the Oldest, throwing His spear which was lighting before Him, striking her down with such force that the forests around her were set ablaze.

Then Taranos fought back the Fiercest, dashing them upon the mountains with seven winds, and in doing so spread His blazing fury across all of Bitus.

Finally He turned upon the Cunning, who fled to hide beneath the mountains, but Taranos would not relent. He raised the Tempest and drowned His foe, flooding all of Bitus until only the High Places remained.

Victorious, Taranos surveyed what had become of the middle world, where Order and Chaos clashed eternally. Now before Him was a vast ocean lit with beacons upon the High Places, His fury burning for all to see. Where the waters and fires met, walls of blackened wood and stone were formed, and from every High Place the fires roared and spoke with one voice.

I am the flames of Albios that blaze in Bitus, the Cleansing Light and Tempered Fury.

I shall force back the Darkness and consume that which is unclean.

Let my breath carry offerings to the Heavens.

I am the High Place, the Walls upon the Cliff and Eyes upon the World.

I shall be the barrier between Chaos and Order.

Let all those upon my breast find safety.

I am Brigantia, Daughter of Taranos and I shall uphold His Law upon this world.

Let this place be reborn from water and flame!

And so though the followers of the Three Tyrants still lived, the fury of Taranos had taken form. She would do battle with the Anguipeds, and maintain balance upon the middle world.