Social Justice Cultus

What is social justice cultus?
We as polytheists recognise that our religion is not, can not, and shall not be divorced from the concept of social justice, the Deuoi require that we look after each other and defend each other, they require that we fight injustice wherever it exists. As such, Social Justice cultus is a set of religious and secular practices we perform that relate to social justice. 

How do you define social justice? 
In order to understand our definition we need to break down the term. Social is a word that relates to a group, people, your community, everybody. Justice relates to something that is fair, free, equitable, and true. Put together, however the term takes an active focus. Social justice therefore is the active pursuit of fairness, freedom, equitable treatment and truth for all people.

Okay, so what do rituals have to do with social justice?
This is a very important question- too often after great tragedies we are told the ‘’thoughts and prayers’’ of lawmakers are with the victims, while no actual actions are undertaken. Social Justice cultus has an attitude of ‘’act now, pray later’’- we perform divination to see how actions can go, we give sacrifice to the gods for victory, and we pray for the protection of all but none of that is worth anything if we do not fight for those things ourselves. As such, a practitioner of social justice cultus believes that working towards the betterment of all is just as useful, or more useful, than any prayer, ritual, or sacrifice to the gods for the betterment of all. 

That sounds pretty cool! How can I get started?
Look towards your community, check community boards, research protests and activist organisations in your area, join groups online, give food and money to those who have none, volunteer at a soup kitchen or mutual aid group. A social justice cultist works wherever they can with good people, polytheist or not, to provide for those who need it. All of these are good ways to begin within social justice, and keeping the Deuoi in mind as you do so is as important as anything. 

By Artoscêtos Siluregnatos