The Tenets

The purpose of Tenets within an organization is to clearly define and outline core fundamental beliefs, and that’s no different for us here in Sepânioi Rotî. A quote often attributed to Albert Einstein is “if you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.” This is our goal in outlining these Tenets, they are straightforward and communicate our intent. We joke that they are our version of “Live, Laugh, Love”, but they are also important to us, informing our every decision as we build our tradition.

Strive for Balance

The universe is the outcome of an eternal struggle between the forces of Chaos and forces of Order. Too much chaos and there will be senseless death, violence, and destruction. Too much order creates authoritarian oppression that squeezes the life out of everything it touches. While striking a perfect ratio of these two forces is impossible, we strive for balance as best we can and trust the rest to fall into place. Putting this into practice requires identifying when a system is out of balance, and responding with either the force to destroy the abuse of authority, or to build the missing system that is needed for help and support. This can apply to ourselves, our community, and the world around us.

Spread Joy and Happiness

Our time on Bitus – this world – is limited, and we believe that it is our duty to leave it better than when we arrived. We do so by opposing the mire of stagnation, and by off-setting the pain and suffering that is inherent to the universe. As creatures of the earth, we possess the ability to choose, to choose how we affect the world. We choose to be virtuous, to bring light and healing into our spaces, into our communities, and to others we share our lands, rivers, skies, and seas with.

Nourish the Soul

Much like stagnation can affect systems, and the natural world, we also can be brought low in motionlessness. We aim to keep our minds sharp through learning new skills and embracing new challenges, and our spirit full through honouring the Deuoi and habitual mindfulness. Nourishing the soul also involves rest when it is time to rest, giving ourselves the opportunity to heal, grow, and become more.