A Call for Rain

The Following is an example ritual to call for rain, based upon and inspired by Brittonic, Slavic and Carissian customs and folklore

Within the worldview of Sepânioi Rotî we strive for a balance against stagnation. For every winter there must be summer. For every drought, there must be rain. The following ritual is a call for rain, be that literal rain or metaphysical, as in the need for a change within one’s personal life or that of one’s community.

Before the ritual the participant should dip their hands into a bowl of water (running water may suffice too) to clean them, then clean their face and hands with water, asking that the waters cleanse their spirit as it cleanses their body, bringing them clarity and stillness as they come before the Dêuoi.

• An Idol, Image or Symbol Of Taranos. This may be an idol, a wheel or a drawing. Bear in mind this representation will get wet.
• A large container of water and a smaller pouring vessel. The ideal would be a drinking horn or a ceramic drinking cup or mug.
• Something to represent fire (incense, candles, a fire pit, hearth or Fireplace)
• A small offering (examples are; incense, bread, salt, oil, libation, milk or water)
• A wooden or ceramic dish to catch the water.
• An Outdoor space or an Indoor Altar, permanent or temporary.

The Temple or Ritual space is circumambulated in a solar (clockwise) fashion, a grand total of three times. this can be done by a procession ringing bells and holding flames lit, or by a Singular ceremony leader who is either singing, chanting, ringing bells, or holding a torch. Whatever modality it may be it should be noted the intention of circling is to sanctify the space and render it holy for the Deuoi to enter. The Bells and song serve to cast out negative or stagnant energy or spirits, while shouting, singing and chanting may cause the same effect. The smoke from the incense or a lit flame will symbolically burn away any impurity from within the circle.
note: if performed at home at an Altar it may suffice to simply rotate a lit flame or candle over the altar thrice, in a sunwise (clockwise) rotation.

The Lighting of the Sacred Flame:
The Sacred flame is then lit. This may be in a fire pit it may be an incense cone or a candle, the size matters not. This flame should be lit from the fire used to sanctify the space. If none was used the flame may be lit now.
Once the flame is lit we make an offering to her in Sepânioi Rotî this takes the shape of Brigantia. An offering is made to the sacred fire of incense, libations, or foodstuffs. if working with a fire pit outside these offering can be tossed directly into the fire. We then thank the spirits of the land and ancestors. If you happen to find yourself on colonized land, this is the place to thank the original inhabitants of the land. This can be as simple as “hail to the X culture who came before us, and on whose land we now dwell.”

If any additional spirits are invoked such as Dêuoi one is close to, or spirits, this is the place to invoke them.

The Call for Rain:
The idol of Taranos is held aloft, up to the heavens. We then Parade the Image of Taranos around the circumference of the sacred space, three times in a sunwise rotation. Chanting and bell ringing may follow, but this time it is done to create joyous noise and communicate the arrival and cosmic power of the Cosmic Thunderer. If at a home Altar, the Idol/Image may simply be rotated thrice over the altar space.
We then address the Toutatis of Sepânioi Rotî; Taranos he who battles entropy and ensures the wheel of the world keeps turning. We invoke him with his Name and proper titles.

The Idol or Image is then placed upon the Wooden or Ceramic Dish. An offering is made to Taranos of Libations, food stuff, wine, milk or other acceptable substitute. The stagnation or Drought is the brough to the attention of Taranos. We end with asking for his blessing in “removing stagnation and bringing rain”.
The following process is then repeated three times:
Water is poured from the Larger container into the Drinking Vessel. Say “Taranos, Great Thunderer, we ask you to turn the Wheel of the world, to cease this drought and bring us rain. As you do in the heavens, so we do in Bitus”
Water is poured from the pouring vessel over the image or idol.

This is normally where we would drink from the horn to seal an oath or being a cycle, but for this ritual we are pouring out the water and asking Taranos to do the same.

We close by thanking all gods and spirits involved, first the goddess of the sacred fire, then ancestors and original inhabitants of the land we reside on, the spirits of the land itself, any additional dêuoi and helper spirits involved and finally Taranos himself.

by Renotaurus Epomapos