Cantimî/bîe cantinis: “be with me”/”be with us”, used at the end of a prayer.
Circumambulation: To circle by walking around in a circular motion.
Cultus: an activity which ‘cultivates’ your relationship with the Gods.
Dêuoi/Dēwoi: Gods, the shining ones.
Dêuos/Dēwos: God, singular of Dêuoi.
Molâtus: “Praise”, used to hail Dêuoi.
Natricocoχsâ: the snake-legged giants that the Gods fight against. Also known as Anguipeds.
Samaros (pl. samaroi): Feast (literally “summer fallow”), period of reflection and reversal from Samos to Giamos, or vice versa, following a Selgâ.
Selgâ (pl. selgâs): Hunt, period of change or activity centered around a theme, virtue, or value. Senisamû/senisamanos: ancestor/ancestors, literally “old assembly” in Brittonic.
Sepânioi Rotî: followers of the wheel, our tradition.
SR: abbreviation of Sepânioi Rotî.
Tanxtos: sworn, those who keep the oaths of Sepânioi Rotî, initiated members.