Kalann Agustos – Litus Trigallia

Ritual and holiday background

The Kalends of August, or the first of August, was a time of feast and meeting at Lugdunum and is/was a time of celebration across much of the ‘Celtic’ world, seen in festivals such as Lughnasadh in Gaelic speaking areas and Calan Awst in Wales. The festivals are often seen as the start of Autumn and involve giving the ‘first fruits’ of the harvest and feasting with the wider community.

Cunliffe (2018, p. 279-281) makes the claim that August 1st was a festival for Lugos across the Celtic world, and it was also on this day that the Consilium Galliarum was held at Lugdunum (Lyons). The Consilium Galliarum, or Council of Gaul, was a meeting held at Lugdunum, which was attended by 60 tribes across the three Gauls. 

“Lugdunum itself… is occupied by the Romans. And it is the most populous of all the cities of Celtica except Narbo; for not only do people use it as an emporium, but the Roman governors coin their money there, both the silver and the gold. Again, the temple that was dedicated to Caesar Augustus by all the Galatae in common is situated in front of this city at the junction of the rivers. And in it is a noteworthy altar, bearing an inscription of the names of the tribes, sixty in number; and also images from these tribes, one from each tribe, and also another large altar/image of Augustus.” -Strabo. 4.3.2

While the exact meaning of the festival, its purpose and the God/s that it was dedicated to may be ultimately uncertain, however, as modern Gaulish and Brittonic polytheists, it is clear that the Kalann Āgustos, the first of August, was and is important to many groups across Europe and beyond. Themes of plenty, feasting, gratitude, family and coming together abound; therefore, as modern polytheists, we can come together with our loved ones and celebrate all the goodness that the Dewoi have freely given. 


One candle or light source for the central space is needed for this ritual, and one for each quarter. The light source in the quarters can be replaced by incense or offering bowls for libations/offerings. Also required are whichever offerings make the most sense for you.

*a quick note, for those in the Southern Hemisphere, swap the invocations to the North and South to make more sense. 


For this ritual, cleanse yourself by washing your hands or showering/bathing. Afterwards, take some time to reflect on the themes of plenty and gratitude before you begin. 

Sanctifying and opening the gate

[Light the central flame, ring a bell or flick water into the centre of the ritual space.]

Dewoi above and below

Dewoi in all four directions

We request your presence at this time

Journey to the sacred centre

And join our feast

[facing towards Wari (East)]

We pray to you, omnipotentia numina, that you bless us, bless us our food and bless our gathering. We ask that the Sun’s eternal light blesses us.

[give a libation, offering, or incense]

[facing towards Dexsiwon (South)]

We pray to you, omnipotentia numina, that you bless us, bless us our food and bless our gathering. We ask that the Heat which circles guide us.

[give a libation, offering, or incense]

[facing towards Towton (North)]

We pray to you, omnipotentia numina, that you bless us, bless us our food and bless our gathering. We ask that the great icy Ocean soothes our discomfort.

[give a libation, offering, or incense]

[facing towards Eri (West)]

We pray to you, omnipotentia numina, that you bless us, bless us our food and bless our gathering. We ask that the Night’s eternal shroud comforts us.

[give a libation, offering, or incense]


Lofty Senisamonos

Venerable council, You who came before us,

Ancestors of place, space and body,

We feast in honour of You,

We give thanks to You,

We remember You. 

Join us and bless us,

Our feast is your feast.

Molātus Senisamū

[give offering]


Shining Lugos, many-skilled and oath-keeper,

On this feast day, we honour you,

We come together in your name,

Coming from all quarters,

Bringing praise and prayer.

Bless our food and drink, 

Join us in this feast which is held in your honour!

Strengthen us and fill us with wisdom,

As we enter this new phase. 

Bless us Lugos, shining one.

Molātus Lugū. 

[give offering]


Great Gods, omnipotentia numina,

Senisamonos and Lugos, 

We thank you for all you have given,

We ask again that you join us in feast,

Bless us with your presence at our tables,

Molātus Dewoi

Molātus senisamū

Molātus Lugū.

[blow out candles and ring a bell/sprinkle water]


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