The Declaration of the Just Oath

This declaration is a work in progress, subject to change and debate. We at Sepânioi Rotî recognize the need for everyone to refute bigotry in all forms. We recognize the existence of similar declarations as the one below, including their weaknesses and criticisms; as such, this document is not targeted towards a single group, nor is it a “carte blanche” that can be pointed at without addressing issues in the community. This document is instead a call to action to stand together with marginalized peoples , within the polytheist sphere and without. We welcome any group interested in strengthening and adhering to this declaration, hereby referred to as “signatories”.

The core points of the Iānoitos are as follows:

  1. Words are pointless without action. This declaration cannot be signed and forgotten, it is a living framework for all who sign resist to bigotry and discrimination.
  2. We will not stand by in the face of bigotry and discrimination, instead fighting it wherever it arises. We will take steps to ensure that marginalized people feel safe – and are safe – within our circles; however, those who act out of bigotry and hatred will be rejected. We will ensure that our organisation is inclusive of race, ethnicity, sex, gender, orientation, wealth, education, disability, age, etc. so that those of us with privilege may elevate the voices of anyone who feels silenced.
  3. We will use Umberto Eco’s 14 properties of fascism to acknowledge the issues that exist within polytheism and address them.
  4. We recognize that Deuoi Worshippers sympathize with victims of colonialism due to the historical erasure of celtic cultures. This however, will be discussed carefully. The experiences of our ancestors do not put us in the same position as victims of recent and ongoing colonial violence, so we refuse to co-opt the struggles and victimhood of indigenous peoples around the world. Instead we vow to support them wherever and whenever we can.
  5. This document is to be seen as an oath, or holding as much weight as one, strict adherence to these principles is expected. If a signatory violates a principle, they will need to make amends and properly address the root causes of the violation, to the satisfaction of their community and all other signatories.
  6. Ignorance of bigotry is no excuse, it is the duty of all of those who possess privilege to educate *themselves* on its existence and ways to utilise it. Marginalized people are not responsible for the education of the privileged.
  7. All signatories shall be required to write, display and enact an individual plan to address each principle within their declaration
  8. Lastly, the world changes, as do our experiences, attitudes, beliefs, abilities and the like; as such, this document is one that lives and breathes. Open discussion related to this document is heavily encouraged, and will lead to amendments or revisions of this document.

As stated above, we welcome feedback from across the community and hope that this document can one day be shared across Deuoi Worshippers. If so, more discussion will be needed regarding enforcement, and how to ensure that this declaration is effective. We look forward to this conversation.

With ambition for a better world,
The Tanxtos of Sepânioi Rotî